What’s so special about this pattern?

pattern arry


4 thoughts on “Sensitive!

  1. I hate these kind of puzzle, because ‘special’ is different for different people. As someone who loves symmetry, I always notice that first.

  2. Does it have something to do with photography (specifically image sensor patterns)? I am not a photographer and I agree with Jona–different things can be “special” to different people. I immediately noticed the symmetry and can describe the patterns of Red, Green, Blue, and White, but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for…

  3. the lines mad of red and blue squares are lines that will continue to change from red to blue and back, every two blocks. you don’t notice that in this picture becouse you only see a small portion of the red and blue lines, wich makes it harder to recognize the pattern.

  4. irsmart got it right. It is the image sensor pattern for a digital camera. The detector in a color digital camera is a grid of pixels that are sensitive to light. These pixels have color filters bonded directly to them in a special pattern. Kodak has developed some very special ones.

    Today, almost all color image sensors are designed using the “Bayer Pattern,” an arrangement of red, green, and blue (RGB) pixels. Half of the pixels on the sensor are used to collect green light, with the remaining pixels evenly split between sensitivity to red and blue light.

    The new approach (RGBW) builds upon the standard Bayer pattern by adding panchromatic pixels (W) – pixels that are sensitive to all visible wavelengths – to the RGB pixels present on the sensor. Since no wavelengths of visible light are excluded, these panchromatic pixels allow a (black and white) image to be detected with high sensitivity. The remaining RGB pixels present on the sensor are then used to collect color information. 

    This technology increases the overall sensitivity of the sensor, as more of the photons striking the sensor are collected and used to generate the final image.

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