Space Message

This message was transmitted from Earth into outer space toward four stars each about 60 light-years away. If you start at the top and scan down slowly, you will recognize the pattern and be able to read it:


This message is almost entirely data, with the last line being the only information about us, which soon became out of date.

What makes the last line so telling, and why does it have to be updated continuously, probably forever?

(Thanks to NASA and Yuvan Dutil & Stephane Dumas)


4 thoughts on “Space Message

  1. i have now decifered the entire message except for the very first figure and the second last, and i have a feeling that those are critical for the corrct translation. is this true and if so, how do i find out what those characters mean?

  2. The figure at the top of the page is a unique symbol serving as a section marker.

    The second to last symbol has to be reasoned as a “plus” symbol, since we are talking prime numbers, and that is how they are abbreviated.

  3. The code at the bottom translates into the largest prime number discovered at the time this message was written. It is now obsolete. Earth civilization has advanced considerable since then and already discovered two larger prime numbers.

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